Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monkey Cupcakes

It was my nephews first birthday, so I needed to find a cute idea for his cupcakes. Since my sister decorated his crib sheets in monkeys and most of the clothing from her baby shower were monkeys, I thought what a great idea it would be to decorate with monkeys.

 I used a regular box of cake mix from Walmart. For decorating,  a regular sized Nilla waffer for the "mouth area" and mini Nilla waffers that I cut in half for the ears. (You will go through a lot, as they tend to break) For the eyes I used mini marshmallows, that I just pressed in to the frosting. To add the small details for the eyes, nostrils and mouth I got a small tube of black icing gel.

 These were very time consuming, but  a ton of fun. Almost every monkey looked different. I stuck to three different facial expressions, but I am sure they would look even better with more!!


  1. tip for cutting the mini wafers...use a serrated
    knife in a sawing motion. I got decent results doing this. :)

  2. No need to even cut the wafers...use a knife and make little slits into the sides of the cupcakes...and just stick them into the slits at an angle and frost up over it.